Serving with Kindness
Helping with Independence
Going Every Step For Every Mile
Treating You Like Our Family
Everyone Deserves Good Quality Service
Serving with Kindness
Everyone Deserves Good Quality Service
Helping with Independence



Three Women Inc. is here to assist people in every practical area of their lives.


Are you facing challenges such as:

- physical handicaps,

- mental handicaps,

- developmental handicaps,

- emotional distress?


 Whenever there is a need, Three Women Inc. can help you reach your goal.


Maintaining: Help with Independence Individuality


Three Women Incorporated is founded on the belief that everyone is worthy of self worth and dignity.

- With a little help from others, I can live independently on my own (trained and certified support staff available).

- Transporation to/from appointments.

- With a little understanding and patience I can make my own decisions.

- With an ear to listen I can tell you my needs and wants.

- With helping hands I can reach my goal. 

Serving With Kindness


Our mission is to serve those in need by assisting in a personal 'My Plan' journal that will help the individual achieve the best quality of life.


Our mission is to provide:  efficient, goal oriented programs that allow us to incorporate both family ties and social interaction (activities, counseling), while keeping focus on individuality and distinction.

Everyone is deserving of Good Quality Service.